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       General System Audit Ltd., Company of Audit, Accountancy, Survey, Valuation, Consulting and Liquidation, member of Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania, offers you the following professional services:
   1.  Financial audit  

       We are Members of Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania (CAFR) and we have remarcable experience in auditing the financial reports of the companies, also in auditing projects financeded by external funds.

       The activity of external financial audit carries on with the agreements of The International Audit Standards (ISA) published by IFAC.

       We are certified and enrolled at CNVM as financial auditors of stock exchange companies.

       The activity in Romania of the foreign companies, as also the activity of the associations, foundations and other entities with or without profitable purpose are audited with the agreements to the professional arrangements of this field.

       For solving the requests of our romanian or foreign clients, the audit Reports and Certificates are published also in romanian and other worldwide circulation language.


       The internal audit carries on with the agreements of the CAFR Resolutions and according with The Standards for Professional Practice, regarding:

   ●  Supporting the companies by identification and valuation the major risks and improving the management systems of controling the risks;

   ●  Setting up and mentaining a system able to check the activities required by the management programme;
   ●  Valuation of the internal control;
   ●  Protecting the patrimonial and balance and extrbalance elements and identifying the methods of preventing any risks or waste.
       The mission, the competences and the responsabilities of the internal audit will be formally defined in a „Carta" which will agree to the rules and will be proposed for the aproving of the company's leadership.
   2.  The structure and the proceed of the accountacy  
       We are Members of The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR). Our services includes all the accountancy matters beginning with the monthly evidence of the economic and financial activities up to the setting up and certifying of the financial situation of the company, together with a presentation of the proficiency of your business, regarding the all professional requirements. The whole activity proceeds according to the accountancy reference system applying to your business, regarding:

   ●  The bookkeeping of the economic and financial activities;
   ●  Drawing up the wages registers;
   ●  The calculation of the wages taxes and setting up the proper monthly paying orders;
   ●  Registering the employment contracts to the Territorial Employment Registry (ITM);
   ●  Setting up and tabling the additional documents for modifying the employing contracts, and also all the formalities regarding the employment;
   ●  Drawing up the sells and assets journals;
   ●  Setting up the monthly and quarter duties towards the state budget;
   ●  Drawing up and tabling to the authorities the monthly, quarter and annual statements, accordingly to the legal stipulations;
   ●  Setting up the journal registry and the check balance;
   ●  Drawing up the half and the annual situations and tabling them to the Trade Registry Office and other state institutions.
       For proceeding the contractual services, we use performing accountancy software, agreed by the Finance Ministry or also we can use the software provided by you. All our the documents will be published also on paper and digital media.
   3.  Financial-accountancy consulting  
       Even we reffer to an investitional project, requisite for achieving a bank credit, a study of feasability, the structure of bookkeeping or implementing the amendments of the accountancy law, our specialists will provide you the right answers and the best solutions. Pe provide assistance and consulting:
   ●  For resolving the contentions with the financial authorities;
   ●  During tax inspections;
   ●  In relation with the Territorial Employment Registry (ITM).
       Are you looking for answers? Have you any question? Our specialists provide regular financial and accountancy consulting by E-Mail, phone, or by post. We provide all these services at your request, or at our free will, thus you can be always well-informed about the new official stipulations.
   4.  Logs and financial analyses for managers  
       Through our economic-financial analyse logs we help you further understand the results of your business and thus, you can manage your next decisions for optimizing your position and proficiency.
       Do you wish to establish and elaborate your income and spend budget for the next period(s)?
       Do you need an analyse of your financial flows for a better management of the Cash-Flow situation or for the request of the credit institutions?
       Do you need an anlyse of your debts and credits or a study about the costs and solutions about decreasing them?
       You will find the right answer through a successful collaboration with our company.
       We work with our clients suit to their peculiarity for thus we can offer them the informations, analyses and valuations they need for taking the most fit and proficiency decisions.

   5.  Accountancy survey  
       By our specialists, we perform accountancy surveys disposed by the legislative bodies or extralegislative accountancy surveys requested by individuals or companies.
       We can contact us for legislative and extralegislative surveys, qualified as counsellor expert (side expert).
       We provide surveys for:
   ●  Verifying the bookkeeping of your economic activities;
   ●  Controling the financial administartion of the administrator to show out the incomes and payments;
   ●  Reviewing the penalties and increases set up by the authorities;
   ●  Inspecting the accountancy activity;
   ●  Any kind of reviewings adequate your needs and interests.

   6.  Valuation  
       By our specialists and our outsources, we can provide the next services in accordance with the Internetional Standards of Valuation passed by the National Evaluation Society of Romania (ANEVAR) correlated with the International Standards of Accountancy (IAS-IFRS):
   ●  Survey and valuation of real estates;
   ●  Survey and valuation of real companies;
   ●  Survey for bookkeeping;
   ●  Surveys for unqueuing quoted companies and withdrawing them from the capital market.
   7.  Legislative and extralegislative liquidation  
       Through our specialists, members of National Union of the Practitioners in Insolvency of Romania (UNPIR), we perform:
   ●  Legislative liquidations according to the insolvency Law No. 85/2006;
   ●  Administrative liquidations according to the commercial entities Law No. 31/1990 republished with the later amendments through the Law 441/2006;
   ●  Fusion by absorbtion or by merging of the companies;
   ●  Divisions of commercial entities.
   8.  Other services  
       In partnership with well-known lawyers, our company provides the next services:
   ●  Assistance and consulting in starting commercial entities;
   ●  Assistance and consulting in modifying the company constitutional documents (changing the name of the company, changing/bringing up-to-date the registering certificate, cessions of social parts - including or excluding associates in/out of company, appointing or discharging of the administrator, increasing of the social capital by cash or by assets, decerasing of the social capital, changing the social seat, founding or liquidating of business seats, modifying or adding activity purposes, changing the legislative status of the company);
   ●  Assistance in editing and publishing the decisions of the general Meetings, ordinary or extraordinary according to the legislative criteria, for tabling mentions of the Trade Registry Office;
   ●  Obtaining perceiving certificates, suspending the activity of a company from the Trade Registry for a maximum 3 years period, mending of some material errors, and also other relationship with Trade Registry Office;
   ●  Legislative assistance for companies regarding the employment relations;
   ●  Legislative assistance for various administrative proceedings related to canceling the employment contracts;
   ●  Consulting relative to aplying of the stipulations of the Law 31/1990 modified by the Law 441/2006 related to the management of the company, organizing the general meeting, editing the decisions of the general meeting, ordinary and extraordinary.

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       For further informations regarding our company and it's services, we invite you to Contact us.
       For discussing other aspects related to a prospective collaboration, we propose you an appointment at your seat as soon as possible.
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